American Writer, Traveler & Scuba Diver Based In The Philippines

Become the Authority, Use Quality Travel and Scuba Content Written for YOUR Website.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality content marketing is different from travel writing. A young backpacker might be able to excite a reader to visit your property or destination, however, can you really expect him to understand your needs as well?

Have WIFI, Will Travel

A travel writer should be a traveler. I have extensively traveled for over 30 years. From Camping to cruises to Luxury hotels, from run down buses to private jets, I have experienced the world. I consider myself a part time Digital Nomad as I travel for 6 months each year

Scuba Diving

Scuba Divers can tell if an article was written by an experience diver. Poorly written material reflects on you and being look at as an authority. Certified in 1997 with over 500 dives. In 2014 over 150 webpages, 100 articles and 250 curated items for Scuba Diving Websites

Content Marketing

My background allows me to write in a wide range of topics and extends beyond basic content for webpages. Brochures, Press Releases, E-mail campaigns, marketing plans and business plans are all within my scope.

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Travel & Scuba Diving Specialist -Writer and Content Marketing

  • Experience Diver and Writer for Recreational Scuba Diving
  • Digital Nomad
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Writer with A Concentration in Travel and Scuba Diving

American Writer, Traveler & Diver Based In The Philippines.
Writing about travel and scuba diving has a requirement not found in many other fields. That requirement is passion and I have that Passion for travel and scuba diving.

"Fantastic, intelligent, excellent work that was consistently on time and budget. I would without doubt use Chasdavis again; great research skills, no change too much trouble, well laid out copy and importantly, all original top notch content. I am 100% satisfied - thank you for your efforts on my ebook.”
— Tour Guide Career Training Ebook

“Charles is highly professional and punctual. We are highly impressed with his output, and will be using him again very soon.”
— Content Marketing Scuba Diving Website

“A great freelancer to work with. Pleasant and prompt communication made our working relationship effortless and enjoyable. High-quality work with attention to detail. Thanks for all of your help, Charles. ”

— Judge Novel Writing Contest

Tourism and Scuba Diving, A Winning Combination to Write About

While my business background and wide range of knowledge allows me to work in a range of industries, my preference is in Hospitality and Tourism industry.
Niches served:
Scuba Diving and Diving Related Travel Content
Consumer Travel Content
Travel and Dive Marketing
Hospitality and Destination Management 

Many writers believe and have convinced others that they can write on any topic. When it comes to these topics they are wrong. We, the experienced travelers and scuba divers, can tell the difference and it can reflect poorly on your credibility. As you look for someone to supply your or your client’s requirements you need someone who is a subject matter expert.

Personal travel is not about seeing places, you can do that on television. It is about creating memories, memories based on the emotions that are experienced. Emotions that watching television just can not trigger. To the scuba diver, we have the same emotional reactions as we explore a new shipwreck or dive with a whale shark larger than a bus. The experienced traveler and the scuba diver have a passion for their interest. A burning desire for the next trip or the next dive.

When I write content for you, you are insured that you are getting a subject matter expert. The material you receive with be well written, on time, up to date and written in a tone that your client, potential customers or website readers can relate to. You will become to be considered a reliable authority on the topics being covered. As an authority, your target audience will turn to you for further information or purchases. You will be seen as one of us, and we stick together.
When it comes to these niche requirements, I am highly qualified. In the travel and hospitality niches, I have been on both sides of the desk. I have owned travel agencies, managed resorts, been on tourism boards, managed destination marketing and have traveled extensively around the world. As an consultant or a Corporate officer, I have created and implemented business and marketing plans.

I consider myself a part time digital nomad. While based in the Philippines, I spend only about 40% of my time there. About 30% is in Thailand and the remainder traveling elsewhere. 
As a scuba diver, I became a certified diver 18 years ago, an advance open water diver with eight specialties and have over 500 dives. While not a dive professional, I do have experience on the business side having created business plans for both PADI and SSI facilities. I have help develop new dive resorts. As a member of the board of advisors of the Subic Bay Dive Association I been involved with all aspects of dive operations and dive tourism. 

If you believe that your content marketing and the needs of your clients and customers deserve high quality targeted content, then we should talk.



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